Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Many Faces!

I have always had many different facial expressions...some cute, some mean. Last night, Daddy decided to try and capture some of the my different facial expressions.

This is me when I try to say something like "cheese":

Here I am grinding my teeth back and forth. Usually in response to "Chandler, do you want to brush your teeth?":

Here is the result of Mommy or Daddy saying "Aaaaaah" or them sticking their tongue out:

The Pond!

Daddy has been working very hard on our backyard pond! He finally finished it last weekend. Here are some pictures of the finished pond! I love attempting to throw things into it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Fun!

Grandma had the great idea of going to Pullen Park for Labor Day picnic! The weather was great (not so humid) and I had lots of fun. I did lots of walking and only went face first into the ground once (don't mind the knot of my head)! Here are some pictures of everything I got to do at the park:

I got to ride these little boats! It was pretty neat, but after a little while, I got bored and wanted to get out!

Had to take a water break!

The carousel is always fun!

I did a lot of walking in the field with my hat on for shade!

Riding the train!

Sitting on a whale!