Sunday, November 30, 2014

The same line...

One important piece of information that was left out of the prior post regarding our newest addition to the family....

Lexi is actually related to our beloved Katie.  It was an emotional no-brainer!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I never saw this coming.

We have a new puppy, and her name is Lexi.

Lexi and her two sisters.  Lexi was "pick of the litter."

After Katie died, I contacted the breeder where we had gotten Katie almost 12 years ago.  I let her know that Katie was such a blessing to our family and will be dearly missed.  I told her we might be ready for a puppy come spring and we weren't sure if we'd want a boy or a girl.

Lexi makes the cut.
 Susan (the breeder) told me she'd certainly let me know about upcoming puppies, but if we were interested in fostering a female for her, she was trying to find one a home.  I was cautiously optimistic.  Perhaps this was all in God's timing.  
Susan & Lexi
Susan sent me an e-mail with information about being a foster for one of her dogs.  I made a list of about 40 more questions and Derek and I met secretly with her to meet the puppies and talk with Susan.  We didn't want to tell anybody in case it didn't work out.  Once we got our questions answered and talked to a few other families that foster Susan's goldens, we thought this arrangement could work for our family.

Granddaddy Bob holds Lexi for the ride home.
 We picked Lexi up yesterday.  She is eight weeks old and she is ADORABLE!!  Chandler was still not feeling the best and Jamison had thrown up earlier that morning (as had Maverick) so we decided Derek would stay at home with C & J, while I would take B & M along with my parents to go pick out Lexi.  

All the boys meet Lexi when she got home.
Now technically, Lexi is not "our" dog.  We don't have the papers on her and won't until she retires from the breeding program (around age 5-6).  We just get to love on her and make her part of our family and Susan covers all her vet bills.  We will miss Lexi when she is old enough to have puppies and lives with Susan during that time, but we can visit anytime and I know the boys will enjoy seeing Lexi as a mommy.  Since purebred dogs are very expensive and the vet bills are too, it was an offer we couldn't refuse.

Daddy meets Lexi
 Lexi is adjusting well to life in our crazy, busy, loud household.  She cried a little last night, but not too bad.  We are working on crate training/house training her.  She is such a sweetie.  

We are so blessed to have Lexi join our family.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

1st Annual Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family decided to have our own "Turkey Trot" around Lake Lynn.  We invited several families to join us, but with our family passing around a stomach bug, we had no takers (and I don't blame them!)  We decided to make the best of it anyways and headed out in-between rain storms.  

We pushed our double stroller (2nd seat is underneath) and pulled a wagon.  Chandler was still recovering from the stomach bug and we didn't want him to overdo it.  Chandler walked part of the way, as did Jamison.  We think we walked about 3 miles with our journey to/from and around the lake.  It took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes, so not bad.

We stopped along the way wishing everybody a "Happy Thanksgiving!" and also to write in the journal at Lake Lynn.  Jamison also stopped along the big bridge to point out every duck, goose, and leaf he saw.  

A nice passerby offered to take a family picture.  What a fun day!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Card Outtakes!

Last Saturday, we dressed the boys up in their Christmas outfits to attempt to take photos for our Christmas card.  Just as we were leaving, Granddaddy Bob & Mimi pulled up in the Olds after attending a car show.  We decided to snap a few outside before heading to a local garden center for the rest of the pictures.

Jamison, by far, was the hardest to photograph this year.  He wouldn't sit still for anything!  I'm surprised that there aren't more pictures of his backside as he climbs down from whatever bench we put him on.  Then there was Maverick.  He kept making the most unusual faces.  Think angry lion.  It was challenging to say the least.

I like to get my cards in the mail on Black Friday.  Watch your mailbox for the final cut.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Brighton's Class Thanksgiving & Stats

Today was Brighton's class Thanksgiving party.  I have volunteered to be "room parent" so I set up all the tables with the food that the parents brought in and got everything ready to go for the party.  It wasn't too much work and I enjoyed spending the extra time in the classroom.  

Brighton's class sung 6 songs for all the parents and then we had lunch.  Before the party started the kids were on the playground and I had a few minutes to check out the room alone.  I went over to the giant turkey (on the windows, far left) and tried to find Brighton's "thankful feathers" to see what he wrote.  He had written, "I am thankful for my dog."  Well, that was it.  I started to cry.  Obviously he had written this before Katie died, so it just struck me as to all the things Brighton could be thankful for, he had written that.  I quickly had to pull it together before the class came streaming in from outside.  We all miss Katie, but it's the little things like this that remind you.

As promised, here are Brighton's 6-year stats:

Height: 48 1/4" (91%)
Weight: 52 lbs (80 %)

At 6 years old, Brighton is such a joy.  He loves school and loves arts and crafts.  He likes playing outside, but isn't into sports as much as Chandler is.  He will play whatever the group wants to, whether it's football or pretending to go camping/on an adventure.  He is starting to read more and more sight words, and loves for me to read him the Magic Tree House books.  He likes watching Wild Kratts and Word Girl on TV.  He is learning to play chess.  He is a very good eater and will eat more of the "healthy" stuff that I eat like granola, smoothies, and oatmeal.  He also likes hummus and veggies.  Brighton currently sleeps on the top bunk and shares a room with Maverick.  We think that he and Chandler will share next and we'll unbunk the beds.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

RIP Katie

We are all heartbroken today as our sweet Katie is gone.  We had 11.5 great years.  Katie was our first baby.  She will be missed.

Katie loved all animals.

Katie and Chandler were buds from the start.

Katie put up with anything.  She loved all our boys.  They were her "pack"

Katie & Jamison

Happy 11th Birthday, Katie!

Bows for my pretty girl

Katie with unhappy Maverick


Katie was a beauty.  I imagine her like this now, running through a field, playing in the autumn leaves.

Katie was a pleaser.  She'd let you do anything to her and loved to play dress-up.

Sleeping under the curtains.

Yes, we let her on the sofa too.

The Last Battle
If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this -- the last battle -- can't be won.
You will be sad I understand,
But don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn't want me to suffer so.
When the time comes, please, let me go.
Take me to where my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We've been so close -- we two -- these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.
Author Unknown