Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The calm before the storm

I believe this was the last picture taken before the bottom fell out in our house. The boys had been pushing each other's buttons all day long and I was getting stressed. Here we are trying to have a tea party. You can see Maverick starting to fuss in his bouncer.....the look of devilment in Brighton's eyes....

I'm not sure exactly how it happened....maybe somebody stole somebody's cookie. Who knows really? The amount of crying and fighting and yelling that ensued had been brewing all day long. Poor little Maverick, caught in the middle of the chaos.

Maverick went on a nursing strike until 2 a.m. He wouldn't not nurse for anything and I knew he was hungry. I ended up pumping two bottles that afternoon/evening for him, just so he could eat. I've been stressed out lately and feel like I can never get anything done. Combined with everything else going on, it was just too much. Luckily the strike was short-lived and I think all of our stress levels are better now.

It sure is a lot juggling the demands of three little boys!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not in the Face!

As a reward for good behavior I promised the boys their own waterguns. Chandler came home from preschool with a teeny tiny one as a favor and it was a hit. I figured we needed slightly bigger ones, and two of them so the boys could have a watergun fight. First I established a few rules. The most important rule was, don't shoot Mommy. The boys did great with that one.

The second rule, was don't shoot each other in the face. They tried on this one, but not so much.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Maverick's Two-Month Stats

My little sweetie is two months old!

Stats: 11 lbs, 4 oz
23" long
Head : 39 1/2 cm

His weight puts him exactly where his brothers were at 6 weeks old. When you factor in that he was 3 weeks early, he's tracking right where they were. For now, that puts him at about 35% for weight, and roughly 50% for height/head. The visit went fine and there are no concerns. I did mention that he hasn't pooped since roughly about Mother's Day (this is pushing two weeks now) He's not constipated in the least. The doctor says that breastmilk is so easily processed that he's using it all up and is in a growth spurt. Gotta love that....no stinky diapers :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caught a Smile!

My little man is two months old today and I caught a smile for the camera. This was rather difficult since I'd have to get him to smile, and then get the camera up in front of my face, and quickly snap the picture. I think that's my shadow over his chest. I've been getting smiles for about a month now, but he's been doing it more and more lately, and for daddy too (sometimes).

Anyways, this happy little guy is the best baby! He does have his fussy times, but who doesn't? He's definitely a mama's boy and sometimes will only settle down for me. It does make somethings hard to do, when I'm the only one who can hold him, but we manage!

He's a great sleeper and gave me a nice six-hour stretch for my Birthday. He loves riding in the stroller, but prefers the infant carseat one where he can face you. What can I say? He likes looking at mommy. He's not growing at the rate of his brothers, but he's not small by any means. At 6 weeks he was 10 lbs, 9 oz. We'll see what his stats are tomorrow at his 2-month check up and I'll post them with comparisons.

He's not on a set nap schedule yet, but we'll work on that soon. He does usually take a LONG nap in the afternoons, when we are home and conveniently wakes up when I sit down to eat my dinner. He also loves looking at his airplane mobile that is over his changing table. That almost always settles him down. He also likes to be held upright, rather than cradled. It can make for some tired arms when I'm not using my Ergo.

Keeping growing baby....we love you!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Cruise

Let's go.....

Imagine this scene in about 12-13 years!

Well since Granddaddy wouldn't let them drive the Porsche yet, I think they planned to just stow-a-way

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pizza Pies

Tonight was pizza night. I've been part of a freezer meal exchange group for some time now and a "pizza kit" was a meal we needed to cook. The boys saw me rolling out the dough and wanted to help. Since I was in a good mood and Maverick was sleeping, I figured why not?

Chandler wanted to make pepporoni, since it's his favorite.

I talked Brighton into making BBQ chicken that we've come to love. Here he is painting on the sauce.

Next came the cheese....

Oh, and both boys insisted on wearing mom and dad's chef hats.
It took a little longer than I would have thought to bake, but overall very yummy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Who's Who?

I just love this little Owl outfit. And lucky for me, I've gotten to use it three times. Now.....the question is....who's who??? Can you tell?

A: Maverick
B: Brighton
C: Chandler

Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Bottle

Maverick finally had his first bottle today. Apparently he took it like a champ. I've been exclusively nursing and haven't made any time to pump. I pumped enough for one bottle so that I could go have lunch with a friend uninterrupted. I enjoyed my time out, and Grandma was there to help Derek with all the boys.
Mmmmm......Mommy milk.