Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 Months!

Hi all!
Today I turned seven months old already! I weighed in at 19 lbs, 5 oz, which is actually the same weight I was last month! I am doing very well and changing every day! Mommy thinks that I will be crawling very soon, as I am able to twist, roll and turn about every which way in order to get something. As you saw in an early post, I am now sleeping in the same room with Chandler, and it is going very well! My sleeping habits are getting better! I am known for my mouth-wide-open smiles as you see below! Anyways...that's all for now!

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Monday, May 25, 2009


Mommy and Daddy decided to take the plunge, and put me with my brother Chandler in his room at night. So, I sleep in the crib, while my brother sleeps in his bed in the same room. I have proven to be a little different sleeper than Chandler, especially wanting to get up much earlier. So, Mommy and Daddy decided that since Chandler's room is nice a dark and quiet, that I should try it out! So far I am doing great! Chandler is teaching me how to sleep good! Waking up a little early, but that is fine with Mommy and Daddy because I'm not waking in the middle of the night! Here we are posing in my crib!
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One Year's Difference!

So, Mommy decided to put on an outfit that I wore about a year ago and see how it fit. It still fits really well, so we decided to get a picture of me in the same spot of a picture we took in the same outfit last June!
Here I am in June of 2008


Here I am in May of 2009

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Multiplying Rabbits!

Last night after dinner, we went outside to play some more. Mommy called me over to her because she noticed what looked like a couple of small bunny rabbits. If you recall, last month, I posted about a rabbit living under our azalea bush. So, the little bunnies let me get real close (within a few feet) before they would dart away into another area of our front grass. We watch for a little while, then back away, and I see that the mommy rabbit comes out from underneath my slide/fort in the front yard! I then see the little bunny rabbits race over to the mommy, and they even started to nurse!
Dad then had the suspicion that their burrow was probably underneath my slide/fort. Later that night, he went out there and saw that there definitely was a burrow under there!

That was very neat! I guess our yard is a rabbit's paradise!


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beach Fun!

Sorry to all our loyal blog followers...but we have been having a great time at a beach house in Emerald Isle, NC for the past 7 days, therefore no blogging occured!

We could fill up this whole blog and probably crash the blogger servers because Dad took so many good pictures!

We spent a whole week in a beautiful ocean front house. I got to do many fun things, like play in the sand and the ocean. We even stopped by a local fire department and I got to climb in some big fire trucks! I got to play miniature golf! So many fun things all in one week! It was great to be on vacation! Thanks to Grandma for my wonderful new blow up travel bed that allowed me to sleep well on vacation! Katie even came with us and enjoyed a morning beach run/walk everyday! Mimi and Grandaddy were with us the whole time, then Grandma and Nanny came down to the beach with us half-way through the week.
I'll let the pictures tell the story!
Admiring the ocean waves!

I found a crab!

The view from our back deck!

Grandaddy caught a flounder!

Cruising the beach with Grandaddy and Mimi

Brighton sitting on the beach.

A really neat rainbow we saw! Actually two of them!

Driving a big fire truck!

Playing in the ocean with Grandma!

Trying to stay standing with Nanny