Monday, December 31, 2012

Countdown Till Noon!

For a new tradition, we decided to host a New Year's Eve--Countdown till Noon Party!

This worked out to be a great change of pace.  I still hadn't fully recovered from all the gunk, but was feeling pretty okay that morning.  Once the guests arrived, we started on our craft so it would be dry in time for the big countdown.

All of the kids enjoyed making paper-plate noise makers.  There were 7 boys and one girl.  Long after all the kids had finished decorating, coloring, and gluing their creations, my youngest two were still at the table crafting away!  They love making crafts!

 We did a pot-luck lunch with everybody bringing something.  I had drinks and ordered pizza to round out the lunch.  All the kids raised their glass, sippy, or juice box to toast to a 

Derek set up a count-down on the TV that counted down the hours, minutes, seconds, and mili-seconds until Noon.  When Noon arrived the kids all shook their noise makers, clapped, and cheered.

It was a fun party and hopefully a new tradition.  Welcome 2013!

I was in bed before 8 p.m. that night as my sinus headache had become relentless.  Let's hope that "Healthy" part kicks in soon :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas 2012

I was still not feeling the best, so I'll let the pictures jar my memory.

Maverick enjoyed his new train board books.  They are probably one of his favorites.  Note froggy in one hand and binky in mouth.  We will be working on limiting binky to sleeping times only....soon.

Maverick got a new Cozy Coupe from Santa.  This is his "cheese" face with eyes squeezed shut.

Here the boys are checking out their loot and starting to open their stockings.

Later that morning, Granddaddy Bob, Mimi, Grandma, & Nanny came over to join us for present opening.  Since nobody wanted to eat any food that was prepared at our house, we went to Granddaddy Bob & Mimi's house for lunch.  That was a nice treat!

A surprise for the boys was a basketball goal in the driveway from Granddaddy Bob & Mimi.  Our super nice neighbor helped Derek put it together and kept it hidden on his back deck for a few days before Christmas.  Luckily, it's adjustable, so the boys can "grow" into it.

Brighton being silly, "wrapping" himself in a very large present bag.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Here we are at Christmas Eve.  I was still feeling pretty horrible, and some? of the boys had caught the flu by this point, but as you can see they are much more resilient than I was.

They are all smiles that morning in preparation to open up a traditional present from Mom & Dad.

Here is our Advent Wreath.  As you can see...the candles barely lasted this year until Christmas.  We were down to nubs!  Every night at dinner we would take turns lighting the candles (and blowing them out)  I hope this is a tradition the boys will look forward to each year.

We had to forgo the traditional Christmas Eve service and also party with friend because we were all sick.  We laid low and did not much of anything.  The boys did put out cookies (from a neighbor, since I was in no shape to bake) and carrots for the reindeer.  Maverick got the job of carrying the carrots.  You can see his tears that he was not too happy about this job!

We were able to calm Maverick down enough to get him to stop crying about leaving the plate of cookies out and turn around for a picture. 

Once the big boys left the plate alone and went to read "Night Before Christmas" with mom, Maverick decided he'd be okay if he ate one of the cookies that we left for Santa.  I guess it seemed crazy to him to leave a plate of cookies out and not eat them!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Before the Plague...

 Dear faithful blog readers,

If you are wondering what has happened to us this past month it is that a plague (the flu) struck our house and not much has happened since.  Here is a recap of the day before the plague hit:

Our Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Erin, and Uncle Joel came down for a visit from the mountains.  The boys were so excited to see them and we all had a wonderful, although brief, visit.  Everybody came to our house and we ate hamburgers for a simple meal.  Of course the boys were dying to open up presents next.  We managed to have some dessert and then the present opening began!

Maverick got some trucks and books.

Brighton got a spiderman plane and a board game.

Chandler got a Tom & Jerry DVD and new PJs.  Our whole family got hand-knitted hats from Erin and Elizabeth.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture to share.  We've already been enjoying them (when we've been brave enough/well enough to venture outside)

A fun time was had by all.  Little did I know that during the night I would start running a fever that was ultimately the flu.  Not fun times up ahead for sure...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cherub & Children's Choir

Today the big boys both sang for the church.  Chandler sang at the 8:30 and 11 o'clock services and Brighton just sang with the Cherubs at the 11.  Here they pose in front of the 
Chrismon Tree before church.  

Brighton and the Cherubs sang "Go Tell it on the Mountain".  They did hand motions and the big triangle is a mountain.  Brighton is not the oldest one in Cherub choir, but he is definitely a leader.  He did really well and I could hear him singing.  He still has one more year with the Cherubs as he has a fall birthday, so he'll be very ready to start singing in the big kids choir when that day comes.

Chandler was a king for the children's performance.  He did a great job!

Chandler made sure that each time he selected the biggest present to give to baby Jesus.

We had a wonderful time listening to the children sing today.  It was also special that Mimi and Granddaddy Bob were able to join us since Mimi's heart surgery was Thursday.  We are all so glad she is doing well.  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

23.5 weeks

I know I've been very neglectful of belly shots as this is only shot # 2.  Note to self....take more pictures as this will be over before I know it.

I was dressed up fancy today for a Christmas Tea that was hosted at our church.  In the past, I've hosted a table, but was not up for all the work of that this year.  It was nice to be able to just show up, eat, socialize, and go home :)

The baby seems to be doing well, from what I can tell.  They are either completely still or moving, moving, moving.  It's really fun for me being a seasoned mom this time around.  There are so many more things that they didn't have just a few years ago, or that I just didn't know about with my other pregnancies that I'm anxious to try out and use.

I got the above carseat canopy for our new carseat.  I did go with a black and white/gender neutral theme since we are going to be surprised with this one.  It is lined with grey minky fabric on the inside and I had a coupon code that got it for free....I just had to pay shipping.  Gotta love that!

This is a "Chewbeads" necklace that I think is so fun!  The beads are 100% silicone and meant for baby to chew on.  At least this is something I could wear and not worry about baby breaking it.  I know this baby will truly be the baby of the family as I will want them to stay little and not grow up so fast.  I can't believe that when this baby arrives, my first baby will be SIX.  Where does the time go?!?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Express

Today we took the boys to Pullen Park for the annual Holiday Express.  We had a good time even if at some point each boy was crying over something.  That's pretty typical.

Maverick still wanted nothing to do with Santa.  That means I was in the picture with him and this is the only one where he's not crying because as you can see, he's running away at this point.  Chandler told Santa he wanted a skateboard and Brighton said a zipline, a fish, and a scooter.  His list changes daily and can be whatever he's recently thought of.

After Santa, we rode the carousel and the entire family fit on the "Sled"

After the carousel we let the boys play on the playground and then we had our picnic dinner from Subway.  Next we waited in line for the Santa train.  It was probably a 15 minute or less wait which felt like an eternity to Chandler who was "bored".  

After our train ride we had luke warm "hot chocolate" since we don't have a proper thermos and Derek's bike insulated bottles just don't keep things hot like they keep things cold.  I had also brought some cookies from home to have and the hot chocolate and cookies were Brighton's favorite thing.  Go figure--that boy loves to eat!  Can't wait to do it again next year with FOUR!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hide & Seek

Maverick has become quite the hide & seek player.  Unfortunately for me, I'm not playing hide & seek when he chooses to run off and hide!  I don't remember Chandler and Brighton doing this, or rather being this good at such a young age.  Maverick is so tiny he can fit into the smallest spaces.

At least here, the book gave him away!  He is so sneaky and quiet while he is hiding and burst into laughter when he is caught :)  He knows what he is doing!

Peeking around the corner at Mom (Dad was the photographer)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting in the Spirit!

Derek was still flying home from Canada this morning when I took the boys to breakfast with Santa at our church.  Maverick was clearly not interested even with the bribe of a candy cane.

After breakfast we headed to the airport to kill time until Daddy's flight arrived.

My cutie pie

After picking up Daddy, there was no rest for the weary as we headed straight to the Christmas tree lot to select our tree.  We went to the same place as last year so we could support our church's boy scout group.  I'm not sure if Derek was going for the halo look around the tree or not, but I thought the picture came out nice.

We managed to get the tree in the stand, up in the corner before lunch.  Everything else waited until after naptime!  It was Brighton's year to put the star on the tree.  He was so excited!!

After the lights and garland were on, Mom handed out ornaments to put on the tree.  Even though she tried to only hand "unbreakable" ones to Maverick....he managed to break FIVE!!

The boys get new ornaments every year.  Here we are posing with our new ornaments (note* baby is posing in utero with theirs)  Chandler selected a school bus with his Kindergarten picture inside.  Brighton chose an owl.  Maverick has a playschool popper toy (Santa will be bringing one I'm sure) and baby has a picture of an in utero baby :)

Many more Christmas festivities to come!