Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maverick's Pirate Tooth

Although it's not something I'm personally proud of, Maverick now has a crown on his back molar.  The dentist called it his "pirate tooth" and so Maverick was happy and proud of that fact.

Maverick is four and has more than double his age in cavities.  This is a hard thing for me to hear because I feel like I am to blame.  Personally, I do not like dental care, and even less so doing it for my children.  Luckily for me, this is one of the things that Derek handles in the evenings.

Even with regular (1 x per day) flossing, Maverick developed several cavities between his back molars.  Apparently, one was severe enough to warrant the use of a crown.  Analyzing his diet, which is still mostly composed of fruit, gives a few hints as to why he is struggling with this.  My children really don't drink sugary drinks or have lots of candy, so I'm easily frustrated when it's suggested I need to change their diets.  It's like the dentist is thinking, "Stop feeding them all that junk and this wouldn't happen!"

Anyways, our pediatric dentist uses laughing gas to help keep children calm during procedures.  Too bad that costs over $100 each time and is not covered by insurance.  For that reason alone, we passed on the laughing gas.  The dentist was hesitant in not using it on somebody this young, but I assured him that as long as Maverick could watch the TV over his head, that he'd be fine.  And he was.  
Told ya so!  

The dentist told Maverick (and me) that he did better than some 15-year-olds.  He really did, and I'm so proud of how brave he was.  The dentist uses very kid-friendly vernacular, saying the numbing shot is "sleepy bubbles" and the numbing cream is "jelly" like peanut butter and jelly.  Honestly, Maverick had no idea that he got a shot, or really anything that they did.  He actually enjoyed the drill in his mouth because the dentist said it sounded like a motorcycle.  Maverick thought that was so cool.  While talking about the experience with all the boys around the dinner table that night, Derek pointed out that Maverick had a shot in his mouth.  Chandler immediately took interest and I told Derek to SHUSH because this was not something I wanted disclosed.  He didn't realize that even though the older three have all had this done, that they had no idea, and I wanted to keep it that way.  

Thankfully while this was going on, Kim and Jett were able to keep Jamison off my hands.  I'm sure that I would have been much more stressed trying to keep a two-year-old out of trouble at the dentist. Two peas in a pod, these boys!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gym Time = Fun Time

Mondays are Jamison's gymnastic days.  Mondays he and I spend the morning having fun together, running, bouncing, and playing.  I really treasure this time and can't believe it will be coming to an end soon.  Today at gymnastics they had set up a parachute with a blower to keep it inflated like a bubble.  There was a tunnel to crawl through to get inside....definitely not parent-sized.  

Jamison finally got up the courage to go in and then I couldn't get him out!!  He was having a blast in there.  They had several balloons inside and he'd grab one, throw it up in the air, laugh, run around, and repeat.  Probably why the picture is a little blurry....he was never still!

He also loves jumping on the big trampolines!  It's been neat to see him progress over this year and how he has gained self-confidence and gotten greater control of his motor skills.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fun at Farm Animal Days!

Today, I recruited Mimi to join us at NCSU's Farm Animal Days

I can't remember how many years we've attended this, but it's been at least 4 because I was there the day before Maverick was born, having contractions, and thinking....WHAT....this baby isn't due for another three weeks!  It was so much fun.  I just love seeing how excited the boys get to see and touch the animals and to climb all over the tractors.  

It has been a very wet/rainy spring, and I was unsure if the weather would cooperate this day.  It was the only day we could attend, so we risked it and went ahead anyways.  Luckily we were there before they officially opened (like usual) and the crowds were low.  I didn't think ahead to have the boys wear rain boots.  That was my only mistake.  

It was really, REALLY muddy.  I tried to not let it bother me that the boys were getting filthy.  I especially tried not to get mad when Maverick was running and slipped and fell and his pants were more mud than pants.  Oh well...he'd didn't mind, so neither did I.  

The boys had a great time.  They got a little cold, especially after eating the free, yummy ice-cream.  Overall, another fun trip and we'll have to do it again next year.  Makes me sad that I only had two boys with me this year.  It's surreal....

They are growing up way to fast.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


A month or so ago, one of our speakers at MOPS was a trainer for JCP Salon.  She came and spoke to our MOPS group about tips and tricks for easy hair styles.  The group had a lot of fun that day and I gave her my contact info because she was looking for live models for the classes she teaches.  In early April, I was a model for their "Signature blowout."  I enjoyed having my hair done (a rare treat for me) and decided that I trusted this teacher enough to actually cut my hair (not just style it).  

I thought it was kinda silly to straighten my hair, only to put curl in it.  But since not everybody starts out with curly hair, they had to follow the model exactly.  

This was the end result.  I thought it looked nice.  I agreed to have the teacher cut my hair the next time she needed a model for a long-layered cut.  Too bad the next class for that style wasn't until August at least.  Then a funny thing happened.  She asked if I'd be willing to drive to Rocky Mount, NC, for a class the next week.  Initially I said no, but the date was set for 4/15 and I agreed.  My grandmother passed away on 4/15, four years ago.  I felt it fitting to make the trip to Rocky Mount, just down the road from where she lived in Nashville.  

I decided to visit my grandparent's grave and place some pretty flowers there.  I selected these particular color flowers because they were the colors of my wedding flowers.  I thought they looked nice.  I also brought a small arrangement to put on my great grandparent's grave.  I have a few memories of my great grandfather, but many of my great grandmother, who died when I was 17.  

After picking up some barbecue from Doug Sauls, and then subsequently trying to find a cheap cooler and some ice to store it in, I headed to the salon.  I got a deep conditioning treatment and then got the salon's long-layered cut.  Again, they had to straighten it because with curly hair, you can't really tell if you have it even or not.  It was nice to get a hair cut since I probably haven't had one in more than a year.  

After my hair cut I met up with a childhood friend who I hadn't seen in two years.  It was so nice to have some "me time" and catch up with a great friend.  I hope to see her again soon and find some more "me time" as well!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
He is Risen!

Like almost every Easter, we attempted a family photo and this year was the easiest yet.  We tried to keep it very low-key and it worked out well.

We managed to snap a family photo because our neighbors happened to be walking by as we were getting ready to hop in the car for church.

We borrowed* some flowers from neighbors and brought those to put on the cross.  Somebody offered to take a family picture, but didn't wait for us to pose and so Maverick was still attaching flowers to the chicken wire which ultimately ended up falling on my head and I had to reattach it.  

Our good friends, the Sauls sat with us at church and took a few more family pictures so we returned the favor.  What a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Boys' Pool Party

Yes, we do combined Birthday parties.

Yes, this time it was for 3 out of the 4.

So Easy!  Loved it!

The boys wanted a pool party and I was all for using the backyard pool to save money, but with Derek gone a lot during April, and the weather just not quite warm enough we decided on a local pool.  The kids all had so much fun!

I felt really bad though that one of our guests (he was 4) somehow slipped and cut his chin and had to leave early to go get stitches at the ER.  Nobody saw it happen, so we weren't exactly sure how it happened, or what he fell on.

The "theme" of the party was sharks, which was mutually decided on by the 3 birthday boys.  We even had this cool shark cut-out that we tried to get most of the guest's pictures with.  

Jamison's best buddy, Jett was there and he warmed up to the pool eventually.  

Chandler invited many of his friends from his class, and a few were 3rd graders (He is in a Montessori classroom 1st-3rd grade).  The next week at school was a little challenging for Chandler as there was a lot of carry-over excitement from the party and a lot to talk about.  

Granddaddy Bob and Mimi bought pizzas and drinks (Thank you!) and the crowd devoured 8 large pizzas!  Amazingly, my boys ate a lot of that.  I figured they'd be so excited and wanting to swim that they wouldn't eat much.  Was wrong on that one!

I did the cupcakes and we also had custom sugar cookies with surfboards with a "shark bite" out of each one.  They were also decorated with the boys' names.  I thought these were super cute.  I don't think I got to taste one though.

Later on, Jamison and Jett wanted to shoot hoops.  Unfortunately (for Jett) I was not able to lift Jett very high to reach the goal.  Jon could do it, but when we traded babies, Jamison wouldn't shoot the ball for Jon.  Oh well....they still had fun.

It was a great party and so much fun.  I'm glad everybody was able to come and celebrate with us!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Chandler turns Eight & Jamison turns TWO

Say it isn't baby is TWO!

Clearly not a baby anymore, but I'll continue to call him that until he protests.  Such a cutie pie!
Jamison Stats:
Weight: 27 lbs, 5 oz (56%)
Height: 34" (31%)
Head: 51 cm (98%)

Since it was Good Friday, the little 2 had off and were my "helpers" for the 4 dozen cupcakes I needed to make for the following day.  Yes, it goes much quicker without any "help" but they had so much fun, so I just let them join in and tried to relax and go with the flow.

Later that afternoon, we headed to Chandler's classroom for his walk around the sun.  While carrying the earth, he takes a trip around a sun that has a candle behind it, to represent each year of his life.  He (and sometimes with help) talks about each year of his life; what he did, liked to do, etc.... 

I love that his classroom does this.  It's not all about your rigid learning experiences, rather to learn and grow and celebrate life.  The birthday child also gets to bring in a special treat for the class if they would like.  Chandler selected frosted cookies that we also had for his party the following day.  

All of Chandler's brothers were there (we pulled Brighton out of his class by request) and of course they were all doted on by Chandler's classmates.  Jamison was definitely a hit with all the friends.  After we headed home, the boys were surprised with cupcakes left on our doorstep by the Sauls!  How sweet!  Since it was 1/2 of the kiddos' birthdays I said, "Sure, why not eat one now!"

Not ten minutes later, our neighbor walked over with freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies.  Straight from the oven.  I couldn't resist!  The boys had those too.  All except Jamison who was already stuffed by this point!

It was finally time for the Birthday Dinner!  Chandler requested ribs and Jamison would want Mac'N'Cheese, so we had those along with some broccoli.  I was able to go on line and fine another Birthday plate that I purchased more that 11 years ago made by the same company.  They no longer sell anything in NC, but good old e-bay to the rescue.  One drawback of kiddos with the same birthday is that they can't share everything.  Of course Chandler noticed we got a new plate right away and I'm sure he was happy he and Jamison didn't have to share!

Cupcakes for my sweet boys.  Jamison wanted chocolate, and Chandler vanilla.

Chandler is getting so big.  I can't believe I have an 8-year-old already.  I can't remember Chandler's stats, but I'm thinking he was 50+ lbs.  Apparently you no longer get a sheet at the pediatrician for your 8-year-old!  Chandler is in 2nd grade and does well at school.  He really excels at reading and doesn't care for math much.  After Spring conferences with his teacher we will work on memorizing multiplication tables this summer.  I remember really struggling with that too (still not good at it!).  His cursive penmanship has really improved this year.  I'm so glad his school still teaches it, as it is a lost art.  Chandler loves all sports and being outside.  He is still enjoying the swim team and that will be wrapping up this month.  Chandler is so kind and caring and generally such a helper to me around the house, although he can complain about chores sometimes.  

We love you both, my Birthday Buddies!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lexi is 6 Months!

Lexi, is 6 months old today.  She is a very sweet girl and is fitting in nicely with our family.

We get so many compliments about how pretty she is when we walk around the lake.  Luckily we have been able to do that more and more now that it's finally starting to warm up.

The other day we took her to the dog park for the first time.  I love this picture with her ears flapping in the wind as she runs.  She was a little timid at the dog park and unsure of all the larger, more aggressive dogs.  She warmed up a little bit after some time, but she is definitely more interested in people than other dogs....just like Katie.