Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter this year. It was a little crazy with three little ones wanting their Easter baskets (well the older two) and trying to get ready for church. Let's just say we got dressed for our "church" picture but didn't actually make it to church that day. Oh well....

Chandler and Brighton were so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left for them. Here's Brighton already digging into his candy.

Chandler shows off part of his chocolate bunny. He ate so much candy before breakfast he wasn't really hungry and said his tummy hurt. Brighton on the other hand ate all his candy until we made him stop and still ate breakfast
Our little peanut had a nice Easter too. Isn't he a cutie?
I wanted a nice family picture outside. Derek set up the camera and I thought we should be sitting. Well the remote wouldn't work with the camera angle unless Derek held his arm way out. This picture shows what it was like. We did manage a somewhat better picture than this, but not by much. Children aren't always the coorporative picture takers you would hope for. We still had a great day. Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Daddy has decided that he wants to try and spend some quality time with each of our older boys one-on-one. Today provided the perfect opportunity for that. Derek took a long "lunch" today and took Chandler to Umstead Park where they had signed up to build a boat. Here's Chandler hard at work:
And here's the finished product. Chandler named his boat "Pepsi"

I hear he was quite proud of his creation, and it did last long enough for me to see it. Soon though, there were many modifications made and ultimately, Pepsi ended up in the trash. She had a good run. Here's her first and final voyage.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Love

Just some pictures of my sweetie pie.

Gotta love the binky!

Posing in my knit hat.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Maverick is One Month

Our little "rock star" is one month old today. He no longer has that newborn look and is growing, growing, growing. He is 9 lbs 10 oz now and almost 22" long. Incase you don't remember, this is the outfit that he wore home from the Birthing Center. It is actually starting to fit now, but he'll be out of it in a few weeks. Crazy, huh?
Maverick is such a great baby. He's already starting to outgrow his fussy time at night and mom is certainly glad for that since she will start back her tutoring job soon. He's still a great sleeper at night and will give us a few four-hour stretches. What more could you ask for?
I'm not sure what he's trying to say here....he's made those "goo" and "coo" baby sounds a few times, but I can't wait to hear them more often. He's now starting to look at the airplane mobile above the changing table, and is definitely having more awake time. The boys, especially Chandler, love to hold him. He's a great nurser, and really has a strong bond with mommy. It melts my heart. I can't wait to see what next month has in store for us. Don't grow up too fast!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Egg Hunt in our yard

There was an Easter Egg Hunt scheduled today at our church, but due to the pending inclimate weather it was post-poned. We decided to throw an impromptu hunt in our yard since we wouldn't be able to attend the rescheduled time.
Mommy hid 32 eggs while the boys waited inside. It wasn't until she was almost done that she spied the oldest boy looking out his bedroom window watching her every move. The little cheater!
I thought it was really funny that when Chandler would find an egg he would shake it before putting it in his basket. Well the ones with lollipops inside made no noise, so he'd toss them back on the ground and keep going. It wasn't until I made him look inside one that he decided I wasn't playing a trick on him.
Brighton had a really good time and was ready to eat all his eggs the moment he found them.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our "Perfect" Day

Today is Granddaddy Bob's Happy Birthday! It was also a great day for all the boys and mommy as everything ran smoothly. Chandler had a check-up at the doctor's and got shots. He was so brave! He is currently 75% for weight at 39 lbs and 80% for height at 41.5" After the check-up the older two got hair cuts at JJs and sat so still. We were on a roll, so we went to McDonalds for lunch.

It was just a great day. Everybody was well behaved and you couldn't ask for more. It was just about as nice as these matching bags:
I know not every day can go this smoothly, but it was certainly nice today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maverick's Due Date!

It's hard to believe today is Maverick's Due Date! My little guy is almost 3 weeks old! We had our two week check up yesterday (yes, a little late, but there were 4 births the day he was born!) We are both doing great. He is nursing like a champ and sleeping great. He usually has a few 4-hour stretches at night. What more could you ask for? Chandler loves his littlest brother. He would hold him all day if I'd let him.

Maverick was 8 lbs 2 oz at the check up. Hopefully I'll check soon and see how that compares to bros 1 and 2.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Chandler!

Your smile, your curiosity, your love of learning, your love of the outdoors, your ability to imagine, your creativity, the way you help your brothers....

Only a small subset of the things that we are so proud of you for and love you so very much for!

Can't believe 4 years has passed us by since God gave us the true miracle and blessing of you!

Happy Birthday big boy, we love you more than you could ever imagine!