Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Brighton got to dress up on Monday for preschool since there was no preschool on actual Halloween.  He went as a cowboy and came home as a cowboy/pirate (see the beard and eyepatch)

Chandler had school on Halloween and participated in a school-wide parade.  I think only the lower grades dressed up, but there were a few older ones in costume too (although not many middle schoolers)  I guess it's "not cool" at that age!  Chandler wore a somewhat homemade costume where he was a magician.  Most people thought he was a wizard, but that's okay too.

Waving at us during the parade!

One of Chandler's friends was born on Halloween, so he had a small party that day from 4:30-6 p.m.  You were asked to come in costume.  Chandler had taken off his costume from school earlier that day and when I asked him to put it back on for the party, he burst into tears.  Not something I was particularly fond of, but I tried to keep my cool as I inquired as to what was wrong.  The best I was able to determine is somebody or somehow Chandler got the impression that his magician costume was not scary enough for Halloween and therefore not cool.  He refused to wear it to the party.  

Since the party was in 15 minutes I told him he could pick from our other costumes and dress up clothes, and he decided to be "Jake" the pirate.  He added the pirate gun for effect.

We picked Chandler up from the party a little early so we could go trick-or-treating as a family.  It was a cold night, so we wore PJs under our costumes, and that helped bedtime go smoother.  Chandler was back to being a magician for trick-or-treating, but would tell people various unrelated answers when they'd ask what he was.  He wanted them to be scared of him!

All in all, a fun, but exhausting day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prayers for TJ

Please keep our contractor's son (Todd Jr, "TJ") in your prayers.

TJ was in a motocross accident on Sunday and is now believed to be paralyzed permanently.  

TJ was not only our builder but also a friend as we've grown close to him over these past 6 months.

TJ, you are in our prayers!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WBWC B-Day Party

Today we went to the Women's Birth & Wellness Center's annual Birthday Party.  We have attended every year since having kids (expect Chandler's 1st year when we were in FL)

This year the party was held at Shelly Lake instead of a farm in Hillsborough, NC.  There were plusses and minuses to the new location.  We loved only having a short drive, but missed all the farm animals and fun.  Here we are after having snacks and coloring.  (note all of the pictures are from facebook as we didn't bring a camera)

They had set up a photo booth with some props.  Brighton, Maverick, & I were happy to oblige.

 I'm happy to say that we arrived at just the right time because shortly after the cake was cut there was a magician there to entertain the kiddos.  Chandler and Brighton were mesmerized.  Chandler especially since he is really into magic these days.  Maybe you can see the happiness/excitement on Brighton's face.  It was a hit!  Can't wait for next year.  Possibly it will be held at a chocolate factory....yum!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brighton's Party

Brighton's Birthday celebration has lasted almost a month.  With all the fall festivals and school parties it seems like there is always a reason to celebrate his birthday, and he doesn't seem to mind one bit!  

We had his actual party at Hill Ridge Farms this year.  It was a hit and luckily we had GREAT weather for it.  While we waited for all the guests to arrive, the kids went crazy running through the pumpkin display.  Derek and a few other parents were on street patrol to keep everybody out of the road.

Even Great, Great Aunt Edith joined us (at Brighton's request)

The first thing everybody got to do was a train ride.  We haven't been here since before Brighton was born and had never ridden the train.  That was a nice treat.

Next it was off for a hayride and a visit to the pumpkin patch.  All of the kids started getting upset when we passed the  pumpkin patch without stopping, not knowing we were headed to another one!  There were actually some nice size pumpkins there and one of them we ended up carving for Halloween.

I decided to make things simple and made cupcakes for all.  I borrowed at 36-cupcake carrier and this made things really easy. 

Our best attempt of all the children in one spot.  There is one where 3 of our 3 boys are looking at the camera, but not many of the other guests are, so I choose this shot as the "best".

Brighton's favorite thing was riding the ponies.  He was very excited to do this and insisted on riding the white one.  He even waited one extra time so he could have his pick of the ponies.  We spent some more time playing at the farm before having a picnic lunch and heading home.  What a fun birthday.  Happy Birthday Brighton!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Brighton's B-Day Bike

Somehow, the boys and I survived while Derek was in Toronto for a week.  I'm not really sure how as it seemed a "crisis" happened everyday.  Too many to list out and re-live.  Let's just say we're glad he's home.  

To turn this week around we decided to let Brighton have his present from us early.  We told him to close his eyes and wait on the couch while Daddy went and got his surprise (thanks Granddaddy Bob for assembling the surprise)

Waiting anxiously...

 Wow!  A new pedal bike!

Trying out the bike with Dad's help.  I'm sure Brighton will get the hang of it soon enough.  We don't use training wheels as both big boys have mastered balance on their running bikes.  Brighton just needs to learn how to stop without falling over.  Dad will have to take over this duty as it's too much for Mom's back these days.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chandler's Choir Debut

Today, Chandler had his debut in the "Big Kids" Choir.  He was so excited, but a little nervous.

The kids sang two songs, and Chandler did very well.  He is enjoying the kids' choir and is trying his best to learn the words.  There are about 85-90% girls in the choir this year, but it doesn't seem to bother Chandler.  He is looking forward to the Christmas pageant and even asked for a solo!  I'm not sure if that will happen or not, or even if Chandler truly knows what a solo is, but I'm proud of him for trying new things.