Friday, October 31, 2014


 Happy Halloween from our family!

I really wanted to do a family "theme" for our costumes, but with so many different and strong opinions, I was lucky that we matched 50:50.  We had 3 super heroes and 3 pirates!  Maybe one year we'll all be the same thing....I can dream, right?  I guess it was good that we went this way to keep down costs.  I only had to buy my robin shirt/mask and Jamison's outfit.  The rest was from our dress-up bin!

Our cousin, Chloe joined in on the fun and was a pirate too.  Arrgh, mateys!  This was the most trick-or-treating we have done.  We did our street and the cross street, and one more small cul-de-sac.  The boys got entirely too much candy.  I really don't have a set limit of what they can have on Halloween night.  I think it was two pieces (never mind Jamison, who I lost count with)  If he wasn't eating candy, he was whining/crying for it.  He had a LOT of lollipops that night!

When we got home all the loot was dumped out and oohed and ahhhed over before I put it away in the special tin that Daddy takes to work.  I did let the boys each pick out 10 pieces to keep.  The older boys stash was cut in half before they even got to eat any due to behavior issues.  The candy was gone quickly and the rest went to work.  

I just had to get this picture of my two littles.  SO CUTE!  It takes me back to when my other two were little and cute.  I just love this age!

Happy Halloween!

Maverick's Fall Festival

Today was Maverick's Fall Festival at Preschool.  I try to volunteer at least once for each of the boys, so today it was Maverick's turn.  He dressed as Batman, so it was appropriate for me to be Robin.  Maverick liked the fact that I was his assistant!

Usually the games and activities are held inside, but they were outside this year.  Luckily one of the teachers let me borrow a jacket because it was quite chilly this morning (especially in the shade).  I helped out in the pumpkin patch where the children selected a pumpkin to decorate with stickers and markers.  

Next, they could move on to hammering in golf tees into a large pumpkin.

They had other games outside as well.  After the games, the children trick-or-treated to some of the adults that work in the church.  Then they came inside for a Halloween-themed music class.  It was a lot of fun.  I know Maverick enjoyed having me help out his class.  

Maverick's class is ten children: 4 super-hero boys, and 6 girls (one Ana, one Elsa, one ballerina, one kitty, one bunny, and one Little Mermaid)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brighton is SIX!

My little artist, Brighton turned six today.  We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with an art-themed party.  I had my favorite cookie baker make favors for the party.  Can't beat the price of $1.00 each and no goodie bags.  Win-win!

I made cupcakes (half chocolate for Brighton and half vanilla for an older brother that somehow convinced the birthday boy to ask mom for 1/2 and 1/2) and decorated them to look like paint on an artist's pallet.  

Thank goodness we had good weather and the party could be outside.  We started off by having the kids decorate the table cloth that was filled with various frames by coloring a picture inside them or writing Brighton a Birthday message.  

Next, the real mess fun began.  I had pre-taped small burlap canvasses with designs that the kids could then paint over.  They all had a blast painting and creating their masterpieces.  Luckily there were many adults on hand to help out.  

A big thanks to our neighbor, Gerry, for providing all of the paint, mixing trays, and most of the paint brushes for the party.  Also, thank you to Granddaddy Bob for cleaning up all the paint trays and brushes.  Luckily the party fell during Jamison's nap time, so I was able to focus on the party.  Jamison woke up halfway through and was able to join us for the cupcakes.

Everybody gathered around and sang.  It was a great party.  Fall is definitely a great time to have a birthday.  The celebrations never seem to end.  Brighton definitely lives it up as the only one with a birthday this time of year.  He had a mummy cookie-cake for his real birthday complete with his requested meal of hotdogs, mac-n-cheese, and fruit.  All served on his "Happy Birthday" plate.  

Hmm...that reminds's time for his 6-year checkup at the doctor.  Better get that scheduled and I'll post stats soon.  We love you, Brighton.  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Fun

Yesterday I went with Brighton's class to a local pumpkin patch.

Our family had been to this patch 3 years ago when Maverick was a baby.  They certainly have expanded since then.  They now have these cool tube-racers and a jumping pillow.  I've never been on a jumping pillow before, so it didn't take much asking from Brighton for me to hop on up there as well.  The entire class was up there at one point.  So much fun!

The corn pit is always a big hit.  Brighton enjoyed begin buried in it.  

They also had pedal cars to race.  Brighton gave his friend, Cayden, a push around the track.

The entire class posed for a picture before heading home.  It was nice to get to spend time with Brighton and his class.  My group that went through the fun-house got lost in the maze.  We took an emergency exit to get out.  I never did claim to be good with directions.  We still had a good time though.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Fair!

Ah, the Fair!

My boys and I LOVE the fair.  Chandler said he wished the fair could be every week.  Me too, except I don't think we could afford it more than once a year.  WOW....the fair is expensive!

This year we were SO BLESSED.  We walked into the fair about 3 p.m. and not one, but two families handed us their "extra" tickets as they were leaving.  We've all done have 3-10 tickets left over.  Not really enough to do anything with, especially when all 3-4 kids have to ride one last ride.  So you say, "that's all folks" and head for the car.  You look for a family to give your extra tickets to and God knew my boys were up for riding more than 2-3 rides each (which was about the number of tickets we had).  I was speechless by the number of tickets one family handed us.  I quickly said, "Thank you so much!" as they hurried away toward the gate.  They had handed us about half as many tickets as we had bought for our family.  Such a blessing!

Jamison likes some of the rides.  Not really a fan of the carousel though.  He likes to ride on the bench or be held.  Don't you dare try him on a horse!

This picture cracks me up.  Maverick didn't want to smile before we took off on the swings.  I took a video of us swinging together though.  It was so cute.  He was experiencing pure JOY and so was I.  Priceless.

We tend to eat at the same sit-down place for dinner each year.  Corndogs are a favorite (and hot dogs for the little two).  I bring paper plates because that just makes it easier.  I also brought applesauce for the boys, to make it a balanced meal :)  Jamison even got the last 1/3 of one of Daddy's corndogs.  He didn't want to miss out on food on a stick.  

One of the last rides Maverick selected.  Jamison was not happy at all that he wasn't tall enough to ride.  Maverick can ride almost any of the kiddie rides because he is so tall!  Chandler and Brighton were adventurous and loved riding the kiddy thrill-rides for the tween-set.  It adds up quickly when those type of rides are 5 tickets each!!

What a fun time.  I think this was the latest we've ever stayed out at the fair.  The boys actually got to see the lights come on a night, ha!  They were loving every minute of it.  Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thousands of Pictures for a Lost Shoe

I finally hit 1,000 pictures on my phone.

Picture 100
It's hard to believe that I once had a phone that couldn't take a picture.  Only cameras did that, right?
Here Maverick and I are enjoying the State Fair 2013


We must enjoy Pullen Park a made the cut 2x!
Many moons ago, we had a membership to Marbles.  Once I had 3 preschoolers, it became too crazy for me to handle alone.  Now that I only have 2 preschoolers again, we have re-joined.  I think they've added more staff since then too....seems a little bit more controlled than before.
Above was from a special exhibit at the Science Museum in downtown Raleigh.  Below is Jamison during his summer swim lessons.  


So the final picture is one I snapped of my computer screen before leaving the house on an adventure to go rescue a lost shoe.  See....Chandler, Brighton, & Daddy went camping over the weekend and somehow Chandler came home with only one shoe.  I won't name names Daddy & Chandler but it definitely wasn't my fault that the shoe was left behind.  I guess I also won't mention that Chandler apparently only had ONE pair of shoes that fit and since he now only had ONE SHOE out of the ONE PAIR, he was in a pickle to say the least.  Also, we had JUST BOUGHT THESE NEW SHOES less than two weeks earlier and I certainly didn't have the money to just go and replace them, as in, Oh are some MORE new shoes.  Try not to loose this pair, OKAY??

Needless to say, I was angry.

I prayed about it.

I got up extra early on this day because I had to be at a meeting by 9 a.m. for which I was bringing for to.  I got the little two out the door before 8 and we headed to the lake to try and find the shoes at the campground.  Just my luck, the gate was locked.  I called the ranger, but it appeared there was nobody camping at the group site that day.  I got out the single umbrella stroller and put Jamison in it, and Maverick and I started briskly walking jogging toward where the campsite might be.

I am not a runner.  I am not even a jogger.  Walking is okay, but not when I'm trying to meet a deadline and I'm dragging a 3 year-old and pushing a baby all trying to find a lost shoe that MAY or MAY NOT even be where I'm going.  I jogged at least two miles (based on how long it took me) before I finally made it to the car again, and yes....I did retrieve the shoe.  Thank goodness it was mostly downhill on the way back because jogging is not my thing!  I was a tad late for the meeting, but I guess it was worth it to get the shoe back.  

"Thanks, Mom!  You're the BEST!"

At least that's what I tell myself.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Zoo Trip

Today the boys and I went to the Zoo.  I talked another mom and her two-year-old into tagging along since Derek was still recovering at home and I always enjoy adult conversation when I can get it.

We checked out the new tree house area that was new since we were there last May.  We were really hoping to get to see the new Polar Bear, but they have gotten a second polar bear and the exhibit was closed while they are introducing the new bear :(  Maybe next year we'll finally see them!

The NC Zoo in Asheboro is quite large, but we managed to see almost all of it in a 1/2 day.  I walk at a pretty fast pace and keep the boys trekking right along.  It sure was a workout with two toddlers in the stroller though.  I let my friend push just Jamison to give her a break as she's newly pregnant.  

We had great weather and it was such a nice treat for the big boys who are on break from school this week.  Maybe we'll go twice next year...

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Today we planned to take the boys to a local pumpkin spot for a photo-op and to pick out some pumpkins.  Derek went to urgent care, and later the ER, so it ended up just being me and the boys.

We like supporting this local family-run farm, so we went out of our way to visit them.  Even when I drove there (where the truck is) and they were closed, I drove to their other lot about 3 miles away, only to discover they were running behind and the original lot we had visited was now open.  I loaded all the kids back in the van, and we drove back.....whew!  Yes, I am an amazing mom with tons of patience.  Thanks for noticing, boys.

My four boys!  

Jamison had a good time, but it was hard keeping track of all four with only one set of eyes.  The boys wanted to go off exploring all over the field....especially near the muddy tire tracks.  What is it with boys and mud?!?  Now we just need to find the time to carve our pumpkin!