Thursday, April 30, 2009

Play Date with Gabe

Today I had a play date with Gabe. We decided to go visit Gabe and his new baby sister, Haley after naptime today. I hadn't been to Gabe's house since my baby brother was born! Gabe and I are both big brothers now! Gabe has a nice big playroom that we were able to play in. The best part was that he dumped his cheerios all over the ground and Gabe's mommy let me vacuum them up. That was the best. Oh, and we also got to go for a wagon ride. Brighton rode in Haley's stroller. We all had a really good time (even if Gabe wasn't in the best of moods). Hopefully we can do it again soon, Thanks Gabe!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 Months Old!

Today, I turned 6 months old! Amazing, huh? Here are some of my stats and facts!

19 lbs, 5 oz
26.75" long
45.75 cm head (90%)

- I now have 2 teeth! I do get a little fussy when they are coming in, but I mainly just want to bite everything!
- I am now eating 2 meals a day! I've tried several baby food things like squash, prunes, peaches, greenbeans, and carrots! I prefer the vegetables at this point in time!
- I am almost always smiling, and am a very happy baby! Tickle me in the stomach and I will give you the biggest smile!
- I am starting to want and touch everything that my big brother has!
- I also really don't like it when I can't see mommy and start to wimper when I see her walking out of the room!
- I am now sleeping much better. After some tiring months, I am now going to bed around 8pm and not waking most of the time until 6am or so. Occasionally, I will fuss a little around 1-2am, but I usually go back to sleep fairly quickly. Mommy and Daddy say they are really happy about this.
- I also love being outside, just like Chandler. If I am fussy for some reason, Mommy and Daddy can just take me outside and I will be happy as a clam!
- I do have some strong legs. I'm actually already able to stand a little bit at the couch for 10-15 seconds. I'm rolling all over the place, and attempting the 'scrunch' move to get my knees underneath me, but can't quite do it yet!
- I am a big boy, currently wearing and outgrowing 12-18 month clothes!

Here's some pictures of me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Outdoor Fun!

Now that the weather has gotten warmer, I am spending a lot of time outdoors! I absolutely love seeing the flowers, wildlife, trucks going by, airplanes flying, dirt, pinestraw, rocks, bees, neighbors, etc.!

For about a week, it seemed like everyday I would go outside, I would see a big rabbit. Of course, I had to go chase him around the yard, and he would often let me get pretty close! We then realized that the rabbit 'lives' underneath our azalea bush in our front yard. Here I am looking for him:

And here is what I saw:

Along with all the fun outside, comes all the falls and scrapes and boo-boo's. Here is my first real good knee scrape on the ground! Of course, I had to act like my leg was broken for a while!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marsupials and Insects!

So, the weather was warmer this past weekend, so naturally I wanted to play all day outside! We were able to find the season's first caterpillars and I was fascinated by watching him crawl all over me. I wanted to squeeze him, but Mommy said no!

Also, Daddy told me a story about what he saw while I was napping! He said he was out in the shed in our backyard and heard a rustling noise in the corner. As he approached the back of the shed, a baby opossum crawled out on the window sill! Dad said he almost had a heart attack. They got the opossum out, so I didn't get to see it, but Dad showed me pictures!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Found My Feet!

Hi all,
Just this past week, I have started playing with these things that seemed to be attached to me! Sometimes, I scrunch up and am able to grab these two things and play with them. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to use them for, but they seem to always be with me and around me. Any ideas on what to do with them? Anyways...they are pretty fun to play with!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I awoke this morning to a basket full of goodies in our great room! To my parent's surprise, I immediately grabbed the chocolate bunny rabbit and ripped off the foil paper and bit off a huge bite! Keep in mind, this was literally minutes after I jumped out of bed! It was yummy! I then tore through the rest of my basket! Brighton also had a basket waiting for him. Here are some pictures of the occasion. We also took some nice outdoor photographs since we had a lovely, spring Easter morning outside!

Sitting and Eating!

Hi all,
Just wanted to give you an update on my progress in the realm of growing! I am now starting to show signs of sitting up by myself! See the picture below...I can sit up by myself for a period of about 10 seconds if my attention is kept looking straight. Mommy and Daddy are also starting to feed my some rice cereal! I am doing pretty good so far, and it actually tastes pretty good. I still manage to push a lot of it out of my mouth with my tongue, but I'm learning! Sleeping is going pretty good. I'm just about to the point of being able to 'sleep through the night'. It's a slow process, but overall, I'm doing much better. Still not teeth yet, although I have acted like I'm teething for the last month or so! Give me something to bite!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Isabelle Turns 2!

This weekend it was Isabelle's turn! She turned 2 exactly a week later than me. She had a party at her house that we went to. We got to dye some easter eggs! I also found a neat walking bike at her house that I loved to wheel around on! We got to meet some new people and eat some great food! We all had a great time! Thanks to Isabelle and family for having us over!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Rogers' New Addition!

Today, we went over to Andrew and Carrie's house to see their latest addition, a new baby boy named Logan! We went over just to say hi and meet the new little guy! He was born early, so he is just a tiny little one! Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy!
--Chandler and Brighton

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My 2 Year Stats!

Here are my 2 year old stats:

Height: 34.5 inches
Weight: 28 3/4 pounds
Around the 50th percentile for each!

I am an active boy! I keep amazing my parents with my memory and the way I love to talk! I will try and repeat just about anything you say, including a long sentence. Our dinner time conversations often entail me listening to mommy or daddy saying something, then me trying to repeat it back! I also absolutely love to be outside! Mommy and Daddy often have to be quite creative in order to get me to come back inside without a melt-down! I have a fascination with pinestraw and digging! I often request to go play golf outside (sounds like 'play gock'). Anyways...thought I would give you an update on my day-to-day activities!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi all!
Yesterday was my birthday! I turned the big 2! You are now not allowed to say my age in number of months!
So, here's a rundown on the events of my birthday. My birthday was on Friday, April 3rd. I had a very good day. In the morning, my grandma brought over a doughnut with candles and sang Happy Birthday to me! I received some presents - a lawn mower that looks just like Daddy's, and a blow up bed for traveling! Later that day, we all went out to eat at Zaxby's. I love chicken! I somehow got behind the counter and the lady that works there let me try on the drive-thru headphones. Daddy was going to leave me there to earn some money, but I wanted to go home and play! I went home later and opened some more presents from Mommy and Daddy, some new train equipment that makes animal noises and a police car train that has a neat siren, and some red crocs just my size! I had a great day! On Saturday, we had a party in the morning and it was the best! The weather was great, and we got to have an Easter egg hunt! We also grilled hot dogs and had a great lunch! What a fun couple of days!
Here are some pictures of all the events...I will try to narrate!
My red crocs!

A card from Grandma that talks in her voice and sings 'itsy bitsy spider'

Money for my Birthday!

I wonder what this could be!

Grandmother came to my party! Here she is helping me open my present!

It was play food I can cut by myself!

Five of the six of us all in one spot!

Looking for Eggs!

My good friend Isabelle putting some eggs in her basket!

My little picnic table (from Nanny) was a hit!

Party hats and Cake!

Other great pictures of the festivities:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Haircut in a Nanu!

Today, I got my haircut in a Nanu! My mommy and daddy always tell me that it is an airplane, but I want to call it a Nanu (pronounced Nahnoooo). I've been needing a haircut for some time, so Mommy decided to take me to get my haircut before my birthday. I had a lot of fun sitting there getting my haircut, and mommy said I was very good! I really like my new haircut too!