Friday, September 24, 2010

Busy is an understatement...

One could gather from the above picture and the ticker on the side of the blog that we have some news to share...

One could then, really? They have two young boys already that are a handful and fill up every ounce of energy we have, and then some.

The truth, no matter how tired or how much we may complain, we absolutely love and cherish our roles as parents to our two boys. It is the most challenging, yet the most rewarding aspect of life you can experience. We would not change it for the world...well...actually, we are changing it, but we are adding to the family even more joy!

In Chandler's words, when asked what he is getting for his birthday next year, "I'm getting a new baby!!!"

April 6th is the guesstimate. Three days after Chandler's birthday.

Besides the uncertainties that popped up early in the pregnancy (not sure what God was trying to tell us), we couldn't be more ecstatic that our family continues to grow.

So, on to why we have not blogged much at all lately...

- starting mid-summer, we have re-done our 3rd bedroom completely...renovated the closet, painted the room, designed it with a fish theme, and moved the boys into this new room from the nursery. At the time we started the project, we didn't know we'd be filling the nursery again so soon! :)

- I got extremely motivated after seeing the work we did on the boy's new room, and decided to redo our master bedroom! This involved scraping the popcorn ceiling off, repainting the whole room, staining and putting up crown molding, picking out a new king sized bed and mattress to go along with it, and sleeping in our great room for about a week! One classy looking master bedroom now!

- a quick trip up to the mountains to see family. Took the boys to Tweetsie RailRoad, where they absolutely had a blast. That place is just perfectly targeted to Chandler's age group!

- Chandler has started back to preschool, going Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He has also started a program called Awana that meets at a different local church once a week in the evening. It's all about learning the Bible! He absolutely loves it!

- Brighton continues to be the no-fear individual that he always has been. His vocabulary has skyrocketed in the last month and you can now pick on mini sentences. Chandler loves to egg him on, I mean teach him what to say and do!

Anyways...that's all for now...will try to be more diligent about the blog updates!