Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way Back When-esday

So you may notice some changes occurring to our blog, and here's the first. Here's my first baby (Chandler) at 18 months old. This is exactly how old Brighton is today! It's amazing to think that Chandler has doubled his age since this was taken. He's hardly a "baby" anymore. Speaking of babies....we hope that God will bless us with another one someday. We love our boys and can't wait to see who will be next to join in the fun!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Did 3 Years Go?

As you know, I recently turned three years old! I can't believe I'm 3 years old! Anyways...I had my normal checkup at the doctor and he said I was doing great! Here are my stats:
Height - 38" (70%)
Weight - 31.13 lbs (75%)

So, let me start a list of likes, dislikes, can do's, etc..
- I love to be outside! Nothing better than playing outside after dinner when it's nice weather. I can usually entertain myself for hours, whether I'm digging in dirt, riding my bike, swinging, etc..
- I like trucks and to have one in my hand when doing just about everything. You will often here the demand from Mommy and Daddy of "Put the truck down, then you can do..."
- I really do love my little brother, even when I sometimes get frustrated that he has taken my truck or something like that. You will find us often wrestling on the floor together and generally getting along really well! I love to randomly give my little brother a hug or a kiss. I love reading to him and helping him out. I love trying to get him to say different words.
- I really do not like when Mommy or Daddy says, "Brighton is just too young to understand...", because usually that means that he is not sharing or he has taken something from me.
- I love to talk! I can say a lot of words and will attempt to say just about anything or any word. I often crack myself up by trying to say a word, but it comes out as a funny sound, and then we all laugh!
- I really like going to preschool. I attend three days a week and am really thriving and enjoying all the activities.
- I love all kinds of foods. Generally, I am willing to try just about anything. I do have my moments when I prefer certain things, but overall, I like most things.
- For those that are close to the family and have known me for a while, I have always 'flapped my arms' when I get excited. Yes, I still like doing that!

Well...those are just some things I can think of right now...probably could go on and on about different activities that I'm involved in and like to do.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today was my 3 year birthday! Mommy and Grandma organized a huge construction themed birthday party for me and my friends in our front yard! Grandma made real construction signs, we had hard hats, badges, and tool belts! Many of my friends came over and we played a lot of different games which included 'pass the toolbox', pothole rock toss, and bowling. We then took a break to have our box lunches, then it was time for some cake! The cake was really neat, it was delivered in the back of a giant dump truck! I'll let the pictures show you all the fun we had! Thank you mommy and grandma, it was truly a special day!