Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Beach Trip!

We took our summer beach trip at the end of June and stayed at the Cooke's condo in Calabash/Sunset Beach, NC for 8 nights! Granddaddy and Mimi were with us and Grandma came down halfway through the week to spend some time at the beach also.

We planned several special things throughout the trip for the boys to enjoy. Of course, there's the obligatory beach days, where we spent the morning at the beach just letting the boys do whatever they wanted! Play in the sand, play in the water, eat the sand, splash each other, etc.. They have a pool at the condo, so we spent many evenings in the pool, also. Did we ever mention that our boys absolutely love the water! (Not like they were born under water or anything like that!)

We took Chandler to his first real movie (at the movie theater). We took him to see Toy Story 3 in 3d. He did great and really liked it! He didn't really want to wear the 3D glasses the whole time, but he still enjoyed it! Here's a picture of him at his first movie. Kinda dark, sorry...

I took my road bike down to the beach, thanks to an early birthday present from Lindsay (a bike rack). I got to spend a lot of time on the bike and on the golf course!

Grandma went with us and we took the boys to the Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach. Both boys loved watching the horses and we all enjoyed the show. Could hardly get Chandler to eat - he was too interested in the horses!

We also went to the aquarium!

Another cool thing we did was go to the water park with the boys! We were a little concerned that Chandler wouldn't be allowed on some of the rides because of his height, but they let him do a lot of the rides which he absolutely loved! Again...the boys could not get enough of the water!

And, of course, the pictures of the boys on the beach!

Interesting expression in this one:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Grab me some hot dogs, and some nachos, and some cotton candy, and some funnel cake.

It seems like the boys cared only about the inhalation of various foods than the actual ball game, but needless to say, we as a family went to see the Durham Bulls play and took part in IBM's Family Night at the ballpark.

Seems like this is an annual tradition! I think we made it to inning number three before retiring for the night!

Notice Chandler's handful of cotton candy meeting his mouth!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Produce Box

Lindsay hasn't had the chance to blog about her new endeavor/job that she is doing now. is a fast growing business in the triangle area that allows for customers to receive fresh fruits in vegetables delivered to their doorstep every week. It is really a cool program that requires area coordinators in order to do the deliveries each week and maintain their customer lists. Lindsay is now the area coordinator for the neighborhoods surrounding where we live. She really enjoys working for The Produce Box, not to mention we get to eat all kinds of great produce!

As part of her job, our family was inviting to 'Farm Day'. This is where we went to the farm where all the produce comes from in Johnston County, NC. They had all kinds of activities for the kids to do...moon bounce, hay rides, home-made ice cream, huge pig-picken lunch, etc.. On the hay ride, we were able to get off and do some picking of some of the vegetables! How neat!

Besides the extremely hot day, and the major ant hill that required Benadryl to be rushed to Lindsay out in the middle of the farm field, we all had a great time!