Thursday, March 31, 2016


March was another sickness filled month....YUCK!!  We all came down with the dreaded Norovirus.  It was absolutely terrible and somebody (if not multiple people) were throwing up for 2 + weeks.  Is is spring yet???

Maverick turned FIVE.  How can this be?  Time please slow down!  Maverick is such a fun, loving boy.  He has a personality that is truly Maverick.  He is really enjoying his hip-hop dance class and is really into drawing, coloring, and art.  It's hard to believe Kindergarten is on the horizon of this boy!  Maverick had an Easter Egg hunt with his preschool class, MOPS friends, and neighborhood buddies to celebrate his birthday.  We had a really good turnout and I was SO THANKFUL that the rain held off and that our neighbor graciously held the hunt in his yard and hid all the eggs for us.  

Nanny turned 80 this month and we had a party for us in our home.  Some of her friends came more than ONE HOUR early to the party....

YIKES!  Really??  Who does that??  I wasn't even home!  I was out picking up some of the food.  The party was a success and everybody had a lovely time.

Easter was early this year and I somehow bribed the children into taking pictures for me.  Chandler is usually the hardest to convince this is worth it.  I tell him that he'll appreciate these one day!

Maverick's MOPS class has been working on the armor of God all year and they finally completed their outfits.  They were all so cute and proud of their hard work!

I had four boys (just not all mine) for the day this month and we went on an egg hunt at the Arboretum.  I love having lots of kiddos around.  It can be quite the juggling act sometimes, but we had fun!  It's going to be lonely for me and Jamison when Maverick starts Kindergarten in the fall.

As a spring break surprise we took a day trip to Busch Gardens.  I've only been there once before as a child, so it was all pretty new to me as well.  It was hard doing it all in a day....we were EXHAUSTED when we got home that night.  The boys had a great time and we hope to take a two-day trip sometime this summer.  Chandler is getting brave and riding some of the mature roller coasters.  I finally have somebody to ride with me now.  Jamison and Maverick are also pretty fearless....just lacking in height.

For Chandler's ninth birthday we wanted to do something special.  We offered for him to have his own room for a year since he always mentions that he wishes he didn't have to share a room.  Surprisingly he turned down this offer and asked for a cooking class.  We also let him have his first sleepover at the house and he invited a friend from school.