Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pine Wood Derby!

Yesterday was the Pine Wood Derby.  Both Chandler and Brighton built a car to race.  Brighton's car was unofficial as he's not yet a cub scout.  He still had fun though.  I hated to miss this annual event, and I know Derek missed my help.

There were 16 registered cars, so needless to say, it was a packed house!  I think all the scouts had a good time.  I always find it interesting to see all the different designs and colors that the boys come up with.  

Derek liked this picture of Chandler in anticipation of his race.  Such concentration.

Hopefully next year, we can be there together as a family, and also get some more help with the behind the scenes work.  It takes many hands to make this happen!  

Saturday, January 24, 2015


My cousins on my mom's side got together (all of us) for the first time in years!  My grandfather's funeral was today and although we were all saddened by his loss we rejoice in the fact that he is with Jesus in heaven.  

Jenny, Dusty, Me, Jeremy, Joyanna, Danny

Here's the cousins with spouses that were in attendance and great-grandchildren that were able to come.  My four boys were in Raleigh with Derek as they had the Pine Wood Derby that day.  

Hopefully we'll all get together again soon as Joyanna is getting married in October!

Monday, January 19, 2015


January is flying by and it seems we can't get much accomplished around here.  Derek took a 6 day trip up to NYC during early January, so I was flying solo.  I managed to get all four boys dressed and ready for church.  Two of the three picked matching sweaters, so I picked out the same for Jamison.  Three peas in a pod (plus one).  

On another weekend we celebrated a friend's birthday at Pump it Up.  Thankgoodness somebody texted the "group" they couldn't make it that morning or we might have been super late.  The goal for that weekend was to get the rest of the Christmas decorations put away.  It is still a goal in progress, unfortunately.  

On MLK day, I watched my cousin's daughter, Chloe.  While the little two napped (and Derek was home to watch them) we 4 went iceskating.  Brighton was clearly better than the other two even though he's the youngest.  Unfortunately he wanted to show me how good he could skate and fell and hit his head on the ice....OUCH!!  We will definitely use helmets next time.  Just didn't think about it. He was a trooper and got back on the ice after icing his head and resting for about 30 minutes and taking some ibuprofen.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Meet Yuhan!

Here are two Very Cute little boys!!!  Our friends in Chicago had their second son, Yuhan on 11/1/14!
Hemming is about 4 months older than Jamison and is now a big brother.  We hope that it works out for them to come and visit us this summer or some other time this year.  We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lovable Lexi

Lexi is 3 months old now, and growing so fast!  She is doing very well on the house-training and only seems to have an accident when we have visitors.  She is such a sweet dog!  I love to pet and cuddle with her.  She has a great disposition around our kids and is generally very gentle.

Here she rides in the front seat (strapped in) for a check-up with the Breeder.  I was glad there was no throwing-up (like the last car ride) and she did great.

Derek has more shots of Lexi asleep with me on the couch.  She loves cuddling up with me, when I let her.  We are trying to not allow her on the furniture, but only when she's on a lap it's okay.  I know she'll outgrow that part soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Re-Gift

I have attended a holiday party for many years that is hosted by one of my co-workers.  She has dubbed it a "re-gifting party" where you bring your worst Christmas gift and exchange it for something else.  It is so much fun!  I've been wanting to host my own for several years now, and I finally did!  It was So Much Fun!  I can't wait to do it again next year!

Of course, I forgot to take any pictures during the actually party....but here is some proof that at least one friend made it.  This was a ladies only party, but non-crawling babies were welcome too!

I had prepared a HUGE spread of food, but I enjoy doing that.  Plus the boys and Derek were able to have the leftover for lunch that the thoroughly enjoyed.  My mom had made her famous "Jewish Apple Cake" and Diane made some of my grain-free, dairy-free banana bread.  

For drinks, I had hot tea, hot chocolate, OJ, and Mimosas (and water too).  The Mimosas were the hit of the party and it seemed I needed to not have much more than that, ha!