Monday, May 30, 2016


May is usually my favorite month of the year....
Spring has finally arrived and I get to celebrate my Birthday!

This May started off with some not so good news that our pool liner had ripped and needed to be replaced.  We were somewhat expecting it seeing that the pool liner is 14 years old, so it wasn't too much of a shock.  Still, you don't like to have to spend money when you don't need too.

Jamison had his first official teeth cleaning at the dentist and did great!

May is also a fun month to go and pick strawberries.  The little ones and I went to a local patch with some other moms/kids from MOPS and had a great time.  Surprisingly (for probably the first time ever!) the little ones were more of a help than a hindrance and we went home with two buckets full!

The things these boys do they all are sitting on one tiny little chair.  Somehow it managed to hold all of their weight.

Maverick graduated preschool and Derek was able to attend.  This was the first preschool graduation that he hasn't been out of town for!  Amazing considering the change of job and how much more traveling he is doing these days.  

Birthday dinner with the Sauls family.  There is not a shortage of boys around here.

Thankfully by the end of May our liner was replaced in the pool and we were back in business!  Summertime here we come!

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