Tuesday, July 28, 2009

9 Months Old!

Today, I am 9 Months Old already! I can't believe it. Here are my official stats:

Weight - 20 lbs 9 oz. (50%)
Length - 28 in (50%)
Head - 47.5 cm (95%)

As you can tell, just like my brother, lots of brains! I am generally a happy little boy, but I have vaulted into the stage where if I can't see my mommy, then I scream my head off! My mommy tends to not like this! I am crawling really well, I especially like to take off after the dogs water bowl and stick my hand in it! I can pull up to just about anything and am I can pull myself to a stand if I really want to, but don't do it too much in an effort to not showboat my skills :) I have 5 chompers and can bite real good and hard with my two front teeth! I seem to also have a strong attraction to shoes and will seek them out no matter where they are. I tend to not talk and babble much, I leave that to my brother!

I am sleeping pretty good nowadays, setback by a slight cold for a while, but am slowly getting better again. I seem to have a real good internal clock, because I don't let that clock say 6:00am! I must wake up just before 6! Although I am getting better!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Pet Fish!

Hi all,
Earlier this year we got three fish for our pond, one koi and two goldfish. They are really doing well in Daddy's pond he built last year. They have lots of room to swim around fast! Daddy and I have been 'training' the fish to eat out of our hands, and we now have all three of them eating directly from my hand and Daddy's hand! It has become a nightly ritual...after Brighton goes to bed, Daddy and I go outside and feed the fish. They are always waiting for us in one spot and we get to play with them for a few minutes! It is really neat! I even know them by name. The big orange one is OJ, the yellow koi is Daisy, and the other smaller goldfish is Oscar! Daddy took video of me feeding/playing with the fish. They will almost let me pick them up!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pool Fun!

We continue to use our pool during the hot summer weekends! My brother Chandler is learning to swim better and better and likes to use the noodle to kick around in the pool! Today, I got my first dunking in the pool and I really enjoyed it. Check out the happiness on my face! I really like the water, just like my brother did when he was my age. Mommy and daddy say that we wear them out because we are constantly wanting them to play and swim and toss us!


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Friday, July 24, 2009


Today Grandma came with us on a day trip to the zoo! We saw lots of neat animals! The zoo is such a big place that we really weren't able to see everything, but that just means that we can go back soon! Here are some pictures of the day!
I got to pilot a helicopter!


A ride on the carousel!


Watching the polar bear swimming in the water!


Posing in front of the elephants!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Daddy finally got around to getting a video of me crawling! I think I am doing a great job and I love my new-found freedom! I am all over the place! I especially love going after my brother's snack cups. He likes to tell me 'Noooooo, brother'!

Anyways...here's the video! I think it turned out pretty good, especially coming from Daddy's cell phone!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

Today was Grandma's birthday. We had her over to our house for a yummy steak dinner! We celebrated with a few gifts, and of course a cake! I love blowing out candles, and I had them blown out before Grandma could even blink! Here are a couple of pictures from the event. I got artistic and colored the driveway so that she would come to our house and see the surprise!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th at the Beach

We spent the July 4th weekend at the beach. And we got to spend some time with Mommy's Aunt and Uncle (Judy and Johnny) and cousin (Jenny) and her daughter (Chloe). We had a great time playing on the beach. I really liked playing in the waves with Daddy, and getting knocked over by them! The weather was great. I really enjoyed throwing this ball around on the beach. We also got to celebrate Chloe's 3rd birthday which is coming up. If you notice in the picture, I enjoyed blowing out her cake candles (even when she isn't looking).

On another note, Brighton decided that July 4th would be his independence day as well! He started to crawl!

Anyways...we all had a great time at the beach!



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Hi all!
We spent the July 4th long weekend at the beach. Mommy came up with the idea to stop at the battleship in Wilmington to help break up the trip! It was a really neat idea and it was a lot of fun. We didn't quite realize/remember how long of a tour it really was. And it didn't help that it was blazing hot. As you can see from the pictures we are all sweating! I had a lot of fun climbing up and down the steep/narrow ladders and going in and out of all the ships rooms! Thank goodness they had some air and fans running throughout the ship!


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