Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fun Beach Weekend

We took an extended weekend by pulling the boys out of school a little early and leaving for the beach.  We didn't get to the beach last summer, so we were super excited for this trip.  Thanks to Mimi & Granddaddy Bob we were able to invite the Sauls to come with us.  We had such a great time.  The Sauls were celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary, so we thought a nice dinner out was in order.  We all went to a Pirate show and feast in Myrtle Beach.  Everybody thought it was a great show and good food too.  Luckily the little two weren't too scared by the ghosts, skeletons, and such that appear during the show, but Jamison didn't like some of the loud parts and kept covering his ears.  

Posing outside after the show...

We spent two full mornings at the beach and afternoons/evenings at the pool.  Luckily Sunset Beach has a pier that we can use for shade to keep the boys out of the sun so much.  Jamison and Jett were like two peas in a pod the whole trip.  They are such good buddies!

Jett was a bigger fan of the water than Jamison who preferred just getting his feet wet.  Here the Sauls pose in the surf.  

All 5 of my boys!

On the way to the beach we always pass this little shop.  We couldn't resist having Maverick hop out of the car for a quick picture.

Kim & Jon claim that Jett never looks right at the camera.  All it takes is a yogurt tube and there you have it!  What a wonderful time and such good memories we made.  Can't wait to do it again soon!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wings over Wayne

As a Birthday treat for me, last weekend our entire family went to the airshow in Goldsboro, NC.

I was lucky enough to round up six pairs of ear protection headphones so the entire family had some. I was worried that Jamison wouldn't want to wear them, but he heard those jets one time and insisted on them after that.  Derek was just as much in heaven as the boys and I had to almost drag him out of the park.  The crowds were a little much for me.  I think attendance was near 100,000!!

Due to the traffic, we got there a little later than I hoped and the lines for food (which you couldn't bring inside the base) were way past ridiculously long.  I had never seen anything like it.

Even though I didn't plan it that way, Maverick's name has meaning to Derek with the movie Top Gun (one of his favorites).  I guess that's another movie I need to actually watch start to finish.  The airshow was a big hit, and I'm sure Derek will have us at another one again soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another ER visit

Oh No!!  The ER!

Not sure how it happened, but tonight, Jamison fell and bit his tongue.  Bad.

It was so bad and bleeding so much that we could hardly see all the different cuts of the tongue.  We just knew it was bad and that we needed to get it stitched.

Mommy quickly rushed out the door after calling Granddaddy Bob (and Mimi) to meet us at the house.  I was hoping they could come and watch the boys so Derek could come with me, but there was so much blood, I left before they could get here and called them en route and asked them to meet me.  We first headed to a local urgent care who quickly told us to go to the ER as they had a 2-hour wait.  Looking back it was probably that they weren't equipped to handle the situation.  After another (closed) urgent care and a call to the pediatrician we were off to the ER.

We were quickly seen at the ER because when you are bleeding and you are two that bumps you to the front of the line.  The doctors were not sure if they would try and stitch the tongue or not.  That procedure would cause MUCH more blood loss and also require sedation, so after 2 doctors and the ENT specialist, they opted not to stitch.  Surprised me for sure.  

A few days later you can see the extensive damage caused by the bite and then subsequent rupture of the tongue.  Let's just say eating, drinking, and taking medicine have been a challenge these past few weeks.  Three weeks later we are almost healed and for the past week and a half we've been eating solids and other normal stuff.  I'm expecting there will always be a scar and a story for this one.  Hopefully it won't affect anything else.  No more ER visits please, Jamison!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Jamison's Last Gymnastics

Sadly, Jamison's last gymnastics class was today.  He has aged out of the one-year-old class and also out of the budget for gymnastics classes.  The one-year-old class is only $15/month which is totally doable!  He has had a blast!!!  He excitedly calls out "NASTICS" when we turn the corner to the road where his class is.  I think the trampolines are his favorite.  If we could only fit one in our yard....

Today, Daddy was able to come and bring the real camera to take some pictures of our little show off!  He had a great time taking Daddy all around and showing what he likes to do.

He was finally brave enough for the rope swing today.  He loves jumping into the foam pit and would do that over and over again, but had never tried the swing.  Lifting him out of the foam pit over and over surely gives Mommy's arms a workout!

Gymnastics, we will miss you!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Brunch

For Mother's Day, I decided to host a brunch to honor all the mothers in my life.  I love hosting parties, so this was a gift to myself too.  Derek and the boys surprised me the day before with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and another of tulips.  As another surprise, Tina Osterhoudt (wife of Derek's late father) sent me a bouquet as well.  I was overwhelmed with flowers and decided to give all the mothers some to take home.  

My mom, Derek's mom, Derek's grandmother (Nanny), and my cousin, Jenny were able to come and celebrate with us.  It was a lovely morning and we all enjoyed ourselves.  

My lovely family with the banner the boys helped make to celebrate the day.  

I am so blessed that these four little boys call me Mom, Mommy,  & Mama.

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sleeping with the Fishes

Derek was out of town the week prior to this trip and was just too exhausted to take the boys (along with 11 other Cub Scouts) to the beach for a sleepover.  So, guess who stepped up....yep, supermom.

We had a "sleeping with the fishes" experience at the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  Let's just say there was not much sleeping going on.  The boys all had fun, but I was ready to get back to Raleigh and my own bed the next day!

The night of the sleepover was filled with animal encounters where we met several reptiles and Wilson the wood duck (my favorite).  The boys even got to make painted fish-print T-shirts.  

The next morning we all had a private tour of the aquarium before it opened to the public.  We then headed out the the new lorikeet exhibit and fed the birds their breakfast.  Maverick wasn't a fan of the birds climbing all over him.  

After touring around everything and picking up a few souvenirs in the gift shop, we headed back to Raleigh.  It was a treat to be able to spend this time with the boys, but I sure do enjoy sleeping in my own bed!