Tuesday, April 30, 2013

$2 of Fun!

Today Maverick, Brighton, Jamison, and me had $2 worth of fun.

We headed to Crabtree Mall to get a new blanket embroidered with Jamison's name.  On the way there in the mall parking lot we spied these baby geese.  How cute!

Mommy pulled over the car and let the boys get out to see them better.

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but every day when the Disney store opens, they choose a child to "Let the Magic Begin" and open up the store.  Brighton did this last summer, and Chandler has too, it was only logical that Maverick go next.  He really enjoyed it and the Mickey lanyard they give you too.  

Next we hung out at the play area while waiting on the embroidery.  Mommy had $0.50 for each big boy, so they got to put money in one ride each.  How fun.  She almost never puts money in them, but lets the boys climb in and out of them all day.  

They also played in the non-mechanical area and had fun there too.  

Lastly, Mommy spent $1 to get some fruit snacks from a vending machine.  She never does this either, so the boys were beyond thrilled with their $2 worth of fun.

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